Investigation of Preeclampsia Disease using Raman
(Günay Başar, Uğur Parlatan, Şeyma Şeninak, Tuba Günel, Ali Benian, İbrahim Kalelioğlu)

In this study, we suggested to predict preeclampsia by using Raman spectroscopy. Serum samples taken from volunteers were investigated. Nine women with preeclampsia and ten pregnant woman with no disease condition joined the study. Mean Raman spectra of the samples are shown in Fig. a. Spectra were analyzed with band component analysis and linear discriminant analysis followed by principal component analysis (PCA-LDA) which is shown in Fig. b. Diseased samples were classified with 78% sensitivity and 90% specificity using PCA-LDA. We found the chemicals whose amounts change in the sera depending on the disease condition by using band component analysis.




Figure : a) Mean Raman spectra of diseased and control serum samples together with difference spectrum. B) PCA-LDA of 38 samples.