Device Details
Main Purpose :
With Nova NanoSEM 450 you can:

- Expand your research capabilities by handling a wider range of sample types
- Surface sensitivity is delivered without sacrificing resolution - low voltage [1kV] resolution is 1.4 nm in high vacuum mode, while for non-conductive materials, the Nova NanoSEM is unique in offering the highest resolution (1.8nm) at low voltages (3kV)
- Both a high current beam (essential for rapid EDS/EBSD/CL/analytical research) and high resolution at high and low voltage which is essential for image quality across a wide range of sample type are delivered in one configuration
- Strong performance in low vacuum mode gives you more analytical power - when you need top quality analytical data on samples like glass, ceramics or other non-conductive materials
- Analyze big, bulky samples with a large stage travel and large motorized Z travel.

Device Category: Class 1000

Device Location : ITUnano Cleanroom